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Ghost & True Crime Tours

Experience the forgotten history of San Luis Obispo and uncover the macabre, mystery, and murders that once vexed this quiet town.


Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM . Ages 11 & Under: $14.99, Ages 12+: $24.99

The walk may be leisurely, but the stories are sure to get your heart rate racing! Join us in Downtown SLO for an evening of haunting tales from the city’s dark past. Visit areas once roamed by deadly vigilantes, a sinister serial killer, and where ghosts are said to still wander. You may be forced to confront the age-old question – do ghosts really walk among us? We’ll leave it up to you to decide after joining one of our tours!


Mystery Loves Company Tours LLC is a brand-new tour service provider in the San Luis Obispo region. We are committed to providing unique, dynamic, and memorable ways for guests to experience SLO’s history. Our approach is simple. We offer walking tours rooted in documented history with some spooky flare and ghost stories mixed in. We believe that learning new things should be fun, especially when it comes to the place we love. Join us on a tour and experience SLO in the moonlight.

Image by David Dibert


Looking for a thrilling way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or just to kill time with family around the holidays? Contact us today to learn more about private tours or group pricing.

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